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The UN Human Rights Office stands up for women human rights defenders The UN Human Rights Office stands up for women human rights defenders, who are often particularly vulnerable to attacks and intimidation. We speak out in defence of the many women who have paid terrible consequences for their refusal to accept violence and exploitation. For instance, the High Commissioner has recently drawn attention to the situation of women defenders in Libya and Iraq. OHCHR also works to make sure that governments offer justice and redress. The Office promotes women’s human rights, and argues at every opportunity for the protection of those who advocate and promote their rights, all over the world.

The human rights principles that comprise the Universal Declaration of Human Rights apply to everyone, everywhere. This fundamental notion is protected in international law, thanks to agreements and treaties that have been widely adopted, and which are enforceable. We take this message to women around the world through programmes that are run by our more than 60 offices on the ground. We bring women defenders to participate in discussions at the international level to insist that the decisions made at the international level have meaning at the local and community levels. Armed with the understanding that international law is on their side, many women human defenders have been able to battle discrimination, find new allies, and achieve measureable progress.

The UN Human Rights Office stands up for women human rights defendersIn some regions, OHCHR also plays a critical role in connecting women human rights defenders to each other. For instance, OHCHR initiatied the Papua New Guinea Highlands Women's Human Rights Defenders Network, which aims to promote peace building, end tribal warfare and eliminate gender-based violence in communities of the Highlands region of Papua New Guinea. Women belonging to national, ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities are often particularly disempowered and exposed to abuse. The fellowship programme managed by the Office offers indigenous women defenders unique insight into the workings of the international human rights system, and its capacity to assist them to construct institutions and networks that can help to protect their rights and redress past wrongs.

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