The goal of the UN Human Rights Office is to make the protection of human rights a reality in the lives of people everywhere. We work for inclusion and for the rights of women; to empower persons with disabilities; to end torture, sexual violence and human trafficking and to promote social justice and equality.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights commits everybody everywhere to respect and observe the full range of human rights and freedoms. Enormous progress has been made since this historic agreement was adopted in 1948 but it has been uneven, and the basic human rights of millions of people continue to be violated. These violations leave deep physical and mental scars on women, children and men of all ages and origins across the world.

Our programmes depend largely upon voluntary donations from governments, foundations, companies and individuals. Please consider donating today.


Can assist a victim of sexual violence to bring her case before a UN panel or a national court.

Can help a human rights activist in need of protection and assistance.

Can help indigenous leaders exercise their right to prior consultation on a project affecting their community.

Can contribute towards helping victims of torture obtain psycho-social and medical care.

Can support the work of human rights monitors during elections in a developing democracy.

Can contribute to an investigation by a UN expert of a serious human rights violation.

These are examples only of the varied projects undertaken by OHCHR.


Commit to human rights.
A shared responsibility.

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